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The puppies are coming...Check the litters page for more info
    Welcome to the new online home of Hyegold Golden Retrievers. We invite you to visit us and learn what Hyegold is all about. We are now located in scenic, hilly 84 PA southwest of Pittsburgh. And yes, there really is an 84 PA, home of 84 Lumber Company.


Dazzl, Tina, Magic

    We strive to breed Goldens who are sound in mind and body with the wonderful temperament that Goldens are known for. You can read about our “fur kids” on the following pages and learn our plans for the future. You're welcome to email if you have questions.
     In early 1976 when our then 12 year old daughter announced that for her upcoming birthday she wanted a Golden Retriever, I replied, “What's a Golden Retriever?” Well, let me tell you, we certainly do know now!! Our first Golden came into our home and hearts a few months later. Sassafras's Gold Nugget was a great introduction to the world of Goldens and we've never been without Goldens since. Goldens, as we all know, are like peanuts... you can't have just one. As the years went by, our Golden family grew.
Our daughter Anne and puppy Our son Steven and crew
     We've always believed that the "whole" dog is important. It's not enough to be just smart or just pretty or just sweet or just healthy. We strive to produce dogs that bring all this into one package. A Hyegold puppyAll our dogs are examined for hereditary problems. Only those who receive certifications for hips/elbows, heart and annually for eyes are considered for breeding and our girls are bred only to males with these clearances.
     Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of socialization provided by adults and kids. Puppies receive early stimulation to enhance learning capabilities and this is developed through the Bio-Sensor method as well as from experiencing many different surfaces and locations, play/agility equipment, puppy obedience training and gentle loving handling. We begin housetraining early so puppies are usually well on their way when they leave.
    We work very hard to provide puppies that can move confidently into their new homes. We also encourage our owners to keep in touch, whether it be to tell us how wonderfully their Hyegold puppy is doing or to seek advice. We feel a big part of being a breeder is to provide on-going support for the life of the relationship.
    We belong to the Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club, the Golden Retriever Club of America, Western PA Kennel Association, Golden Triangle Obedience Club and South Hills Kennel Club. Over the years we have served in many capacities in one or the other of these organizations. Dick is an AKC Hunt Test judge qualified at the Junior and Senior levels and officiates at many tests in a broad area.




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